Similar stones from Glamis and Penrith…

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Here are two examples of similar stones sent to us by David McGovern. David says: ‘Here are a couple of interesting photos of stones from the same period but outside the influence of the west highland style. One is from Penrith and the other is from Glamis (Angus). The Glamis stone has been chopped right […]

More medieval coffin lids…

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Diary update from project volunteer Jeannie: Here is some more information on Medieval coffin covers that I have found. They are all in England, but throughout the country, not just one county, so there must be others out there. Here is a good example from Garway church in Herefordshire, and there some good photos both […]

Learning illustration

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Today we looked at more traditional methods of archaeological illustration, covering scale drawing and depiction of carved stones. Using a planning frame and reducing onto a drawing board, drawing by hand offers a different perspective on the stones, and as always when drawing archaeological objects, looking closely brings a new appreciation of the details! Jeanie […]

Our scanning workshop

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Today we had a doors open training workshop in laser scanning at the steeple. We covered 3D recording and visualisation, with visitors dropping by regularly to see the progress. Jeanie scanned the sword on the fish scales stone, while Gemma worked on Matilda’s stone.      

St Andrews Cathedral

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There is a gravestone/coffin cover in the visitor centre at St Andrews Cathedral which has the sword in the bottom half of the slab and a similar design of cross in at the top. I have tried to photograph it, but it was in a difficult position and quite dark, however, you can pick out […]

Similar coffin cover design

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This find in Edinburgh University car park (development excavation) bears a striking similarity to two of the Dundee Medieval coffin covers – the geometric cross stone and the Rosette and shield stone.

Scanning begins on Doors Open Day

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The project got off the ground on Saturday with our Doors Open Day at the Steeple- over 300 people came over to visit the stones and find out more about the project! You can read more in this article in The Courier: City Secrets Revealed as Doors Open to the Public

Project Diary

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We’ll post updates on progress here as we get them! If you can’t make it along to see the stones in Dundee, keep track of the project here.