Archive images of the stones…

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These images are from the Dundee Photographic Survey, which was completed in 1916. They were taken much earlier – the photographer was AC Lamb who died in 1897. The images show ‘Stone coffin covers from St Mary’s Church, now in Dudhope Museum’.

Though contained in the section of the Survey dedicated to the Howff graveyard, these photos seem to have been taken elsewhere. Research is ongoing to determine exactly where! The answer should help us to fill in some of the blanks in the biography of the stones since they were unearthed in the ruins of St Mary’s in 1842.

The photos were rediscovered by Darren Eyres, while undertaking research for his website, ‘Tombs of the Dundee Howff’ :

The images are reproduced here by kind permission of the Local History Centre, Dundee Central Library.


Ionnes Stone Matildas Stone Wool Shears stone Fish scales Stone